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Crapo releases video of acceptance speech for GOP nomination on campaign website

Crapo releases video of acceptance speech for GOP nomination on campaign website

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
May 27, 2010

Idaho's senior U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo was unable to attend the state Republican Party's official celebration Tuesday at the DoubleTree Hotel in Garden City in person, but he was able to speak to those gathered at the event through the wonders of the Internet. Crapo, who was joined by Sen. Jim Risch, Idaho's junior senator, chimed in from Washington, D.C., via Skype, a video calling service.

Crapo, who bested Skip Davis of Weiser Tuesday by earning nearly 80 percent of the vote in the primary, thanked his supporters for their hard work and pledged to continue the campaign into November. He also took a swipe at Senate Democrats. "The battle continues here in Washington, D.C. ... The efforts here in Washington for taxing and spending continue unabated," Crapo said.

He also urged unity among Republicans, some of whom might be disenfranchised after a particularly divisive race for the Republican nomination in Idaho's 1st Congressional District between state Rep. Raul Labrador, who came out on top Tuesday, and Vaughn Ward. "When we are done tonight, we will come together to elect Republicans in November," Crapo said.
Here is the full clip from Crapo's campaign YouTube channel:

Crapo moves on to face Tom Sullivan of Driggs in November’s general election.

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