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Corporations were in church Sunday, Ringo just does not know where to look

Corporations were in church Sunday, Ringo just does not know where to look

Mitch Coffman
July 4, 2014
Mitch Coffman
July 4, 2014

This week’s Supreme Court ruling said that a “closely held” company such as Hobby Lobby on religious grounds can opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to provide contraception coverage.

Not unexpectedly, that drew comment from the candidates for Idaho’s 1st congressional district, incumbent Republican Raul Labrador and Democrat challenger Shirley Ringo of Moscow. Predictably, Labrador praised the decision, saying “No American should be forced to choose between following their faith and submitting to unlawful and unnecessary government mandates.” Also predictably, Ringo denounced the decision, but in so doing sort of hung herself out to dry.

Among the comments by Ringo: “I saw many people from my community in church last Sunday, but I didn’t see a corporation there.” Really? I am sure her vision is fine, it is her frame of reference that needs a 20/20 adjustment.

Corporations are not headed by transformer-type robots. They are directed by real people with real values employing people who wish to work there. When Ringo says she did not see any corporations at church, she really did. She just does not recognize them as human beings, but corporations are no stronger or weaker than the goods and services they sell and the people who manage the company and work there. The corporation was there … next to her in the pew, maybe even living on same block, probably employing people she knows.

We assume that given Ringo’s lack of understanding of what is a corporation that she will decline any contributions from someone who—Lord forbid—works for or, even worse, directs one of those corporations she did not see in church on Sunday. Which will pretty much leave her campaign with a tin cup on a Moscow street corner.

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