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Coffee Party, Obama supporters show up at Tea Party rally

Coffee Party, Obama supporters show up at Tea Party rally

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 15, 2010

Several dozen people opposed to the politics and the practices of the Boise Tea Party showed up to the Tax Day Rally at the Idaho Capitol.  People held up signs supporting President Barack Obama and new federal health care laws, as well as broad ideals like compassion and civility.

“We’re just here encouraging civility and civil conversations around the issues,” said Duane Quintana of Boise, one of the leaders of Boise Coffee Party.  “We’re really for all people and all voices to be heard, not just the loud.”  Idaho branches of the Coffee Party movement started up in Boise and Pocatello last month.  The Coffee Party USA supports cooperation and positive solutions in government.

Quintana said he’s never been politically active before organizing Boise Coffee Party.  “We’re just really encouraging and creating opportunities for the average citizen to get involved in civic engagement and politics,” he said.  “Trying to have an open mind, an open heart, and an open ear is really important to me and I think it’s important in politics as well.”

Lisa Semmler of Boise said she showed up at the Tax Party rally to remind other attendees that some Idahoans approve of the Obama administration.  “Not everyone in Idaho is against Obama and against health care,” she said.  “We actually do have people in the state that voted for change, which means health care reform and ending the war in Iraq.”  She said that Obama has also lowered taxes for 95 percent of Americans, which likely included most of the rallygoers in Boise.  “And yet, they’re out here arguing that their taxes are being spent and raised.  They’re completely against their own messages.”

“I’m absolutely opposed to everything going on here,” said Michael Hayes, who was protesting the Tax Day Rally.  "This isn’t what Idaho represents.  This is a minority … These people are out here calling themselves patriots.  I don’t know if they’ve ever really read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.”

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