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Check your lawmakers' Idaho Freedom Index scores

Check your lawmakers' Idaho Freedom Index scores

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 16, 2015

The dust is settling after an awful 2015 legislative session and we here at the Idaho Freedom Foundation invite you to check out your lawmakers' Idaho Freedom Index scores.

Keep in mind these are not rankings of the lawmakers themselves, but rather a reflection only on how legislators voted on bills we rated. These rankings are non-partisan.

Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman cheered some progress by lawmakers moving toward a more conservative, liberty-oriented approach to governance, but suggested there's more to do.

"More Idaho lawmakers are showing a preference toward free markets and limited government than ever before," Hoffman said Thursday. "That's the good news. The bad news conservative lawmakers are still a minority in the state Legislature. That explains why the Idaho lawmakers voted to raise taxes, create new regulatory boards, restrict parental rights and maintain support for Common Core. Maybe next year will be better."

To dive into your lawmakers' scores, visit IdahoFreedomIndex.com. Here's the 2015 Idaho Freedom Index Summary in PDF format.


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