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Candidate responses from Idaho Freedom Foundation's legislative survey

Candidate responses from Idaho Freedom Foundation's legislative survey

Mitch Coffman
October 23, 2012

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October 23, 2012

The results from the Idaho Freedom Foundation's legislative survey for the general election are listed below. Fifty-three candidates chose to participate in our survey, which had questions ranging from health care to education reform to the privatization of liquor sales, as well as many other important policy issues around the state. Each candidate who chose to respond is listed in his or her respective district below. Simply click on the name of the candidate to access his or her responses. Please share this with others in your districts as well.

District 3

Bob Nonini, Senate
Ron Mendive, House Seat A

District 4

John W. Goedde, Senate
Ray Writz, House Seat A
Kathleen Sims, House Seat B

District 5

Gresham Bouma, Senate
Ken De Vries, House Seat B

District 7

Sheyrl Nuxoll, Senate
Shannon McMillan, House Seat A
Paul E. Shepherd, House Seat B

District 8

Steven Thayn, Senate
Cindy Phelps, House Seat B

District 9

Monty J. Pearce, Senate
Lawerence Denney, House Seat A
Judy Boyle, House Seat B

District 10

Brandon Hixon, House Seat A
Darrell Bolz, House Seat B

District 12

Melissa Sue Robinson, Senate
Todd Lakey, Senate
Robert Anderst, House Seat A
Rick Youngblood, House Seat B

District 14

Marv Hagedorn, Senate
Reed DeMourdant, House Seat B

District 15

Lynn Luker, House Seat A

District 16

Jeffrey Laing, House Seat A
Lee-Mark Ruff, House Seat A

District 17

Chad Inman, House Seat B
Mikel Hautzinger, House Seat B

District 18

Brad Bolicek, House Seat B

District 19

Paul O'Leary, Senate
Mike Washburn, House Seat A
Don Howard, House Seat B

District 20

James Holtzclaw, House Seat B

District 21

Steven Harris, House Seat A
Erin Zaleski, House Seat B
Thomas Dayley, House Seat B

District 22

Russ Fulcher, Senate
Jason A. Monks, House Seat B

District 23

Bill Chisholm, Senate
Pete Nielsen, House Seat B

District 24

Lee Heider, Senate
Stephen Hartgen, House Seat B

District 25

Scott McClure, Senate

District 29

Bob Croker, House Seat A
Dave Bowen, House Seat A

District 30

Dean A. Mortimer, Senate
David G. Hay, House Seat A

District 31

Steve Bair, Senate
Barbara Clark, House Seat A

District 32

Ralph Mossman, House Seat B

District 33

Christopher Joseph Brunt, House Seat A

District 34

Lary Larson, House Seat A

District 35

Paul Romrell, House Seat B

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