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Can we regulate away bad regulations?

Can we regulate away bad regulations?

Lindsay Russell Dexter
November 11, 2016

There are numerous regulations that the federal Environmental Protection Act and state agency equivalents mandate to state and local entities. A great many of these regulations address air pollution, the spread of noxious weeds and invasive species. As a freedom fighter and limited government advocate I would never suggest or encourage government expansion or government mandates.

However, in a eureka moment, I realized that I could get on board with the creation of a new state agency that has the power to regulate bad policy and make mandates that keep bad policy from spreading. Much like the air pollution mandates the EPA forces on corporations, like the sulfuric acid plant in Pocatello, the new state agency would be tasked with ensuring bad policy does not spread in the same way polluted air does. Additionally, the new state agency would make sure that bad policy does not overtake the indigenous policy that has been the cornerstone of American life since the signing of the Constitution.  

The first order of business for the new state agency would be to immediately regulate the recent outbreak of bad property rights policy that seems to be spreading over Eastern Idaho like wildfires in summer. The state agency would start by quarantining the city of Rexburg until city officials restore the property rights of its residents to use short-term rentals as a revenue source to supplement incomes.

The state agency will have to act swiftly and deliberately. Bad property rights policies have already started to infiltrate and spread to some elected officials in the city of Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls is just a mere 30 miles away from Rexburg and, yet, there are already grumblings from infected officials who do not fully understand short-term rentals.

The bad policy has already overtaken the city of Rexburg. If it continues to spread to Idaho Falls it will create a domino effect to Pocatello, Twin Falls and perhaps even the Idaho State Capitol. The Capitol is especially susceptible to bad policy due to its weakened immune system from years of noxious policy.

Although expanding the role of government and advocating for more regulation is not something I would usually advocate for, the spread of bad policy is quickly turning into an epidemic in Eastern Idaho. So, please join me in advocating for the the creation of a new state agency that will regulate bad policy and keep it from spreading.

Wait a minute. . .couldn't this proposed new state agency just be a group of citizens who are concerned with noxious policies and would like to preserve their indigenous way of life?

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