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Calm down, Pete … it is a study, not an auction on ebay

Calm down, Pete … it is a study, not an auction on ebay

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 2, 2013

Idaho Statesman outdoors writer Pete Zimowsky simply makes stuff up in a recent article. In his newspaper, Zimowsky writes alarmist and unsubstantiated rhetoric regarding a proposal approved by the Legislature to put the state in control of public lands.

He says, "Hunters, anglers, rafters, hikers and other outdoor folks are sitting on their hands and letting the Idaho Legislature prepare to steal their public federal lands." Steal their public lands? Do tell, Pete.

He continues: "It's a pretty bad idea, and one where the land could eventually be sold into private hands or leased to corporations." Oh the horror!

Except that it's just false. The resolutions approved by the Legislature would merely set up a study of the state's control of land that is presently held by the federal government and would insist that Idaho be allowed to control and manage public lands in this state.

The lands in question—now controlled by the federal government—are left to unproductive use where timber can't be harvested, mining can't be conducted and revenue can't be realized. Indeed, even the recreation opportunities that Pete cherishes are suppressed because of poor land management by the federal government.

Zimowsky would have you believe that your favorite trail, mountain lake and forest are going to be sold to Wal-Mart.
It's interesting, if true … but it’s not.

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