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Business group pulls website content criticizing Allred, but may add new attacks soon

Business group pulls website content criticizing Allred, but may add new attacks soon

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 16, 2010

Keith Allred is thanking an Idaho business group for removing parts of a website attacking his campaign, but the leader of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) said it is  waiting to post new information criticizing the Democratic candidate for governor.

“The information on there was old news, so we took it down for a while,” said IACI President Alex LaBeau, who said the criticism of Allred weren’t removed due to potential inaccuracies.  “We’ll be putting it back up … If you don’t keep the information fresh, you lose eyeballs.”

IACI’s political campaign arm, the Idaho Prosperity Fund, criticized Allred’s stance on state tax revenue projections on the website AllredInk.com.  The website claimed that because Allred favored higher revenue projections, he would support increasing taxes to meet higher state spending.  Allred’s campaign rejected those claims.  One Republican state lawmaker in charge of the budget process, Sen. Dean Cameron of Rupert, said Allred lacks understanding of the state budget process.

An image from AllredInk.com

The IACI-backed site currently has no text, and just a picture showing Allred overlaid with pictures of President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

Allred sent a letter to IACI’s board thanking them for taking down the information on the website.  “The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry has worked hard to get its facts right," Allred said in the letter.  "So it seemed out of character to make false allegations against me for the stand I have taken against unnecessary cuts to Idaho schools."

Shea Andersen, Allred’s spokesman, said he understands that IACI could put new information on the AllredInk website due to the cost of producing the site, but that he hoped any new content wouldn’t contain misinformation.  Andersen said Allred talked about the site with several IACI board members before the content was pulled.

IACI held its annual conference earlier this week, which included speeches by Gov. Butch Otter, Allred’s opponent in the November election, and Democratic U.S. Rep.  Walt Minnick.

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