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Bradbury not surprised Jones canceled debate on Idaho courts

Bradbury not surprised Jones canceled debate on Idaho courts

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
May 13, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
Author Image
May 13, 2010

Idaho Supreme Court candidate Judge John Bradbury said he’s disappointed he won’t have a chance to debate Justice Jim Jones about Idaho’s court system, though Bradbury said he’s not surprised Jones pulled out of the debate.  Jones told Bradbury and reporters that a debate would serve no purpose and would distract from the court election contest between Bradbury and Justice Roger Burdick.

Burdick and Bradbury met for a debate May 4 that touched on some of Bradbury’s concerns about the courts, and the responses from Burdick and other court watchers criticizing Bradbury’s campaign.  Jones and Bradbury had a tentative agreement to debate those issues, including Idaho’s senior judge program and the role of the Judicial Council, which handles formal complaints against judges and recommends judicial appointments to the governor.

“I’m disappointed that Judge Jones, having given his word, now breaks it and expects us to believe what he said without having the debate,” Bradbury told IdahoReporter.com.  “It’s the old ‘I’ll say everything I want, I won’t be challenged, and I’ll ask you to trust me.’  I think it’s exposed the game that they’re playing, and I’m disappointed.  To say that a debate on the issues would distract from the campaign that is here to discuss the issues is simply nonsense.  You enhance a campaign by discussing the issues put forward.  It’s very disappointing but, I have to say, not surprising.”

The Bradbury and Burdick debate is available here for viewingRead some of Jones’ past comments about Bradbury’s campaign here.  Voters will decide between Bradbury and Burdick on the May 25 primary election ballot.  Jones is running unopposed to retain his seat on the Idaho Supreme Court.

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