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Boise’s McLean joins Chicago, Portland mayors to endorse critical race theory in schools 

Boise’s McLean joins Chicago, Portland mayors to endorse critical race theory in schools 

Anna Miller
September 8, 2021
Anna Miller
Author Image
September 8, 2021

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean signed a resolution in support of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public K-12 education. 

McLean has chosen to align herself with mayors from cities that were ravaged and shattered by violent riots during 2020. The resolution is co-sponsored by Ted Wheeler (Portland, OR), Greg Fischer (Louisville, KY), and Lori E. Lightfoot (Chicago, IL). 

The resolution, adopted at the United State Conference of Mayors 89th Annual Meeting, states that McLean and the co-sponsors support implementing CRT’s racial discrimination in public school curriclum and programming. The resolution argues that all academic achievement gaps are evidence of racial discrimination and proposes CRT in education as the cure rather than higher standards, content mastery in teacher training, or other education innovations. 

CRT makes race the lens through which its proponents analyze all aspects of American life. The theory is radically skeptical of neutral principles of constitutional law and the concepts of freedom, color blindness, and equality. CRT is racial discrimination. Theorists argue America is systemically racist despite the abolition of slavery, the passage of the Civil Rights Act, government agencies created to stop and prosecute racist acts, and the enormous opportunity this country offers to every individual regardless of skin color.

Public officials, including the president of the State Board of Education and members of the Coeur d’Alene school board, have argued that CRT is not in Idaho schools. At least McLean is honest in her belief that Idaho’s public K-12 schools should teach and promote CRT. 

The Boise mayor’s position, though, violates Idaho’s new law that prohibits compelling students to adopt the divisive tenets of CRT in public education institutions. 

House Bill 377 states, “No public institution of higher education, school district, or public school, including a public charter school, shall direct or otherwise compel students to personally affirm … that any sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color or national origin is inherently superior or inferior; that individuals should be adversely treated on the basis of their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color or national origin.” It also bars educational institutions from using public money to compel students to adopt the divisive tenets of CRT.

McLean has made herself clear — she is hostile to the First Amendment and the Civil Rights Act, both of which are rejected by CRT and protected by Idaho’s new law. 

The Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen exposed these racially biased and unconstitutional principles of CRT in an opinion he issued in May. He wrote, “Committing racial discrimination in the name of ending racial discrimination is both illogical and illegal. It goes against the exceptional principles on which our nation was founded and has no place in our state.

“Montana law does not tolerate schools, other government entities, or employers implementing CRT and antiracist programming in a way that treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment.”

In the face of hostility to neutral principles of constitutional order from the mayor of Idaho’s largest city, leaders need to stop turning a blind eye to the greatest threat facing our education system. 

Public officials must call CRT what it is — racial discrimination — and reject it entirely. Parents, however, should not wait for the government to act. Instead, they should protect their children from this state-sponsored racism by removing their children from corrupt school districts before further damage is done. 

McLean wants to transform Idaho from a state where mutual toleration, happiness, and the free exchange of ideas are the norm to a state where racism is the norm. The question is: Will the people of Idaho let her?  

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  • Mark Arrowood says:

    As I keep asking; please provide some reference document of CRT. Cite a text book and it’s chapter and verse that is supporting your CTR accusations. So far you’ve done none of that and only just whined about it. If it’s such a scourge these references should be plentiful.

    • Shirley says:

      Maybe before you pass judgment, you should see some of the curriculum yourself. It is an outrage that the schools would allow this kind of Nazi style teaching in our public schools. Maybe you should study some history

    • Al says:

      As the uncle demon told his nephew demon in C.S. Lewis classic Screwtape Letters, "jargon, not argument is [the devil's] best ally".
      Notice how some keep repeating phrases like "social justice" and "equity" to pervert and demonize them rather than use them in the correct context of the schools that use them?
      Disinformation in these ages is potent when people dont do actual research, huh Mark Atwood?

  • Jamie JIMMERSON says:

    CRT is nothing but blatant reverse recism, in order to make victims of those who won't put out the effort to achieve! McClean is a useful idiot.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree with you. She needs to be Gone!

    • Deep Midnight says:

      I dont know much about CRT, but I do know a whole lot about your statement of "make victims of those who won't put out the effort to achieve!". I believe this is Nouveau riche speak which I often hear from boomers. Interestingly, boomers seem to never understand that their 4th house which contains their 9th RV made the rest of us slaves. Got news for you boomers, your abundance did not make it to the rest of us; trickle down or otherwise! And...I am tired of pretending it ever will.

      Long but good; an example cover letter that I am thinking of stealing.

      I wish to take a path completely dissimilar to those of ages past, and to present myself as I am; as much as I can in this short correspondence. I seek to assure you that this correspondence is the most professional thing I can do for you, and that anything less is a disservice to both your organization and to the world.

      The truth is, I have been used up and spit out by this world and I simply cannot take anymore. 45 years is what it took for me to finally understand, but I am now a man and take full responsibility for how my life turned out and I am no longer afraid. This is what I have learned.

      One cannot work hard for someone else and expect to grow or do anything other than partake in perpetual serfdom. NO, the entire breadth of working for someone else is to do as little as possible, always hate the owner for being more successful than yourself, and blame coworkers for everything. Once blamed, these others become worthy scapegoats and are at your whim for further personal advancement horsey rides. To avoid the trouble of locating another scapegoat (why fix something that isn’t broken), you must maintain this relationship for as long as possible. To do so merely requires that you promise the scapegoat advancement and then continually disparage his name to those who matter. You must also repeatedly inform your scapegoat that you stood up for him and really pushed for his advancement, but that the partners just didn’t go for it. Finally, you must string them along until they are all used up. Being all used up doesn’t actually take too long, and so you must purchase them a free lunch or some other trivial expenditure from time to time. If you are lucky, you might be able to maintain the status quo for at least two years. Afterwards, and this is important, make sure to disparage the welfare system along with your former employee so that your insurance premiums will never rise. On the 45 year, I finally understood.

      I am somewhere between 150 and 200 thousand dollars in student loan debt, I have been scared to look for the past decade or so, but I do know that wage garnishments are coming if and when it’s possible to squeeze blood from a turnip. Despite it, this will likely never be paid off or discharged in bankruptcy as, say, gambling debts can be. Did I charge that much, you might ask? No, I charged the normal amount, but I graduated into a deep recession along with many other younger children and was not able to make payments. From there is has been one disaster after another in terms of employment; so many that I have lost track. Each promised this or that but always somehow ended with me being fired, laid off, or forced into quitting. Each taking me by surprise and seemingly totally out of the blue, but each building a familiar pattern until, at long last, the most truthful statement that I can bestow upon you can be stated: I am living the dream, one nightmare at a time!

      The latest of these nightmares was a company who just fired me. But, hey, this time I got two weeks’ severance pay! With it I was nearly able to pay off all the hand and power tools I financed in preparation for the promised promotion that never came. I am thankful for that, but in order to fully accomplish it, I had to liquidate all my retirement accounts opened with them as my employer. This is a repeating pattern in my life with the net result of nothing saved for retirement. Not even a single cent.

      I am the scapegoat! Should I now make the same mistake as I have before in using my glowing letter of recommendation from them? The last time I trusted the word of a former employer, it cost me 4 years, during which time the author slandered me during reference calls and prevented me from obtaining employment. This person is a high ranking city employee, and to this day has not been punished for her deeds, though she has been caught. It’s amazing what a sting one can accomplish with the right people. The point being, I have no references except for myself.

      This brings me to you and my unorthodox cover letter. Please do not mistake my tone as angry or of holding grudges, for it is simply not true. I should have known better. I should have known that college was a scam, that people are utilizing the wrong kind of competition because of it, and that I didn’t know how to be a man and thus obviously I was destined to be a scapegoat. I should have sat around more and discussed football on the job instead of working.

      My intent in this letter is to tell you that my life is totally screwed up with little prospects of being fixed, with much help from this world, but that I am now a man who can now acknowledge it as so. I take full responsibility for how my life turned out! For example, COVID is rearing its head again and I am again at odds with how to handle it. Before, I saw everyone rushing to mask up, and punish those who did not. Now I see everyone rushing to take the experimental gene therapy vaccine. I seek to assure you as a man that I am a great advocate of freedom, and that I will not adhere to any mandates, government or corporate, which interferes with it. Thus, I will not allow a corporation to mandate either a mask or a vaccine for the pleasure of my labor.

      These truths make me who I am, for better or worse, and I will no longer pretend to be exactly what you are looking for, nor tell you how much you are missing out on by not hiring me. I am willing to tell you exactly what my reality is, and to state that I would be overjoyed to work for you so long as my dignity and freedom remain intact. In fact, under these conditions, you would be hard pressed to find better than me.

      ------What, Jamie, will they achieve with effort? And...are you sure that you are not the useful idiot?

      • Joey from Boston says:

        You sound like a failure who regrets not working hard and now blames the generation before you for your sad life. Man up and grow a pair!

    • Marilyn Locander says:

      I agree!! What can we do?

    • Al says:

      Consider one of many examples of current racism: AZ has just discontinued peremptory challenges in jury selections(the process of lawyers deselecting jurors they dont want without requiring explanation). Why? Because blacks were deselected at twice the rate of whites.
      What "effort" are blacks lacking in juror pools?
      I can go on with many other quantitative comparisons but lets just start with this one.

  • Rose Pepenella says:

    I thought Gov. Little signed an EO to ban CRT. So how can she endorse it and have it move forward when the there's a EO in play.

  • Soheila says:

    Totally against her beliefes and ideas. She can not impose her personal agendas as a law and ruin our freedom and Correlation. She needs to be removed from the office. She is sabotaging our school system.

  • Mel Hoelzle says:

    This mayor is not from or for Idaho

  • Bob says:

    This is shameful!!! She has to go. This in itself is enough to recall her. CRT is the most decisive, destructive and racist agenda in our schools. Don’t sit back and let this type of leadership continue. Get involved and recall her.

  • Victor says:

    Time for Boise Idaho to have it's own recall. This mayor needs to go ASSP. This is not Idaho! 😡

  • Al says:

    Well, now we get to wait and see how honorable IFF is....because the story is false.

    Turns out McLeans signature was put on the CRT "resolution" in error. Her office had responded other initiatives ahead of the mayor conference but specifically said NO to the CRT one. Which makes sense, because as i read Anna Millers article, i wondered why McLean would do such a controversial thing when she doesnt even govern the school district.
    Bottom line: the accusations are false. Not blaming IFF for it, it appears Millers article was made in good faith. But lets see what integrity IFF has because the right thing to do is remove Anna Millers article.
    For complete explanation of how the mistake occurred, read the 9/10/21 Press Tribune article. Don Day did the research on this, getting emails from the Mayors office and uncovering the truth on this.

    • Al says:

      Well, after posting the above remarks, wondering if IFF would do the right thing, we see that of course they didn't. Everyone should read Emri Moore's post dated 9/10/21 for one of the most staggeringly dumb posts I've read.
      And, let me say this: I remark frequently on this site and I take issue with positions and factual statements made. But I've always held back from personally insulting an author.
      Until now. Wow, the logic Ms. Moore posted is utterly, fantastically, dumb. IFF, be ashamed. Be very ashamed. How much fundraising do you want to milk out of the mistake made by the Mayors Council?
      Dr. Livingston, you're a follower of C.S. Lewis, how about teaching some of your colleagues there what he meant by "men without chests"?

  • Bee says:

    Been BOUGHT???

  • James Guzzetta says:

    I believe the divisive, alienating and racial forces contaminating our societies is a result of self and polarizing identity. Self, in that we've bought into the rhetoric of our education as patriots of the country we born into, while our leaders promote war and hatred for "other". " "Polarizing", in that we begin valuing being right over promoting greater good, winning over self- esteem, anger over seeing others as part of ourselves.
    It starts and continues through our education.
    Americans, Russians, Chinese and all other people's, are first Earth beings, make that clear, enforce and nurture this as our common denominator, and the illusion of separateness begins to fade.
    Put our education's attention on connectedness,, critical thinking and compassion, and racial and other divisive tactics will eventually fade as well.
    What is CRT and it's supporting tenets. We should never accept other systems of though, until we've understood it's intention and supporting regulations and legislation, first.
    This article meremy refers to CRT without providing it's content.

  • Pamela Pauline says:

    All I know is that everyone I know isn't racist, so out the window goes the idea that Idaho upholds racism. We have been a state of welcoming, unless you are illegally here, which I'm ok with. I am more than ok with not allowing illegal immigrants benefits, jobs, etc. We all need to vote our conscience. I believe that McLean has made enough errors to consider her not for for the job of Mayor of Boise. Time for her to go, whether or not she endorses CRT. Perhaps she do better staying at home and being a mom for a change. Don't assume her life is any better or different than ours. She's a problem in herself.

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