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Boise Tax Day Rally-goers avoid extra costs for police officers

Boise Tax Day Rally-goers avoid extra costs for police officers

Dustin Hurst
April 16, 2010
Dustin Hurst
Author Image
April 16, 2010

Many who attended the 2nd annual Tax Dally rally in Boise Thursday railed, on signs and t-shirts and through speech, against excessive government spending.  Rally-goers lived up to their battle cry by not imposing extra costs on the Boise Police Department (BPD), who aided the march by closing off sections of Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise during the group's march from Julia Davis Park to the steps at the Capitol.

Lynn Hightower, spokesperson for BPD, said that no extra officers were called in to handle the large rally attended by approximately 1,300 residents from across the Treasure Valley.  She explained, in an interview with IdahoReporter.com, that because the group held the event on a weekday when the department is more fully-staffed, there were no overtime in costs due to the march.  She noted that had the event been held on a Saturday or Sunday, event organizers would have been forced to pay all overtime costs incurred by officers.

Law enforcement officials provided a rolling road block for the crowd as it marched down the street.  Hightower said that the route used by the group is "fairly common," and that officers provided services to other groups or activities, such as fun runs, "several times" per year.  Officers were pulled from other duties, but Hightower said it was necessary to do so "for the safety of all the participants" of the event.  BPD provided between 10 and 15 officers for the gathering.

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