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Board of Education waives 10% tuition cap, announces on Facebook

Board of Education waives 10% tuition cap, announces on Facebook

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
December 10, 2009
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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December 10, 2009

Followers of the Idaho State Board of Education on Facebook or Twitter got this message on Thursday afternoon:

Facebook update for Idaho State Board of Education

Idaho State Board of Education Board passes 1 year waiver in policy prohibiting fee/tuition increase proposals in excess of 10% (5-1 vote- Ken Edmunds dissenting)

The vote by the board at a meeting in Twin Falls doesn't mean the costs of going to public college, university, or community college will actually increase more than 10 percent, though.  That decision is left up to each school's board. 

State funding for higher education, which was cut by over 10 percent in the current budget, could face more cuts next year.  Higher education has seen it's slice of the appropriations pie shrink since the mid-1990s.

IdahoReporter.com contacted the Board of Education for comment, but had not heard back from anyone at the time of this writing.

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