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Black Lives Matter praises Marlene Tromp for standing up to "the #GOPKKK"

Black Lives Matter praises Marlene Tromp for standing up to "the #GOPKKK"

Dustin Hurst
March 11, 2021

Sometimes it matters who your friends are. 

Boise State has tried to convince legislators that social justice education has no place on its campus. They have implied that the IFF report on Social Justice education lacks sound data and analysis. 

Black Lives Matter Boise disagrees. 

BLM Boise sees Boise State University as their (himes-herses) ally in the war against “straight, white cis-gender males,” as they wrote on their Instagram page recently.

They see Boise State as an ally in their effort to offer segregated Rainbow graduations sponsored with state money. They see Boise State as an ally in sponsoring a blacks-only graduation. They praise Boise State’s President Marlene Tromp for standing up to the “anti-science patriarchal bullies in the #IdahoGOP and the #GOPKKK.” 

BLM has good reason to see Boise State as an ally.  Three Boise State departments placed pro-BLM statements on their websites. Boise State did nothing until the state Legislature began to pay attention to these matters. They disappeared down the memory hole a few weeks ago.  But BLM knows who its friends are.

BLM knows that Boise State has circulated a long list of pro-BLM readings for its faculty to consider integrating into its curriculum. BLM knows who its friends are.

BLM knows that Boise State has empowered activists on its Inclusive Excellence Student Council to intimidate campus vendors who support the police off of the campus.

Boise State has hired Jeremy Harper for its BUILD program, a teacher training program. Harper thinks that “the Thin Blue Line flag encourages white supremacy.” He is hired to educate our educators. Perhaps BLM knows who its friends are.  

All of this adds up to a conclusion. BLM knows that Boise State is its ally in promoting the radical social justice agenda. Perhaps BSU is embarrassed by it.

Why would anyone in the Idaho Legislature support Boise State as it is supported by BLM?  Why would anyone in what Boise BLM calls “GOPKKK” support its pro-BLM mission? 

Do Idaho’s legislators know who their friends are?  

Here's the BLM Boise Instagram post:

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  • Al says:

    It's easy to misunderstand symbolism, especially in tense cultural issues. For example, do any readers remember the 2 U.S. olympians in Mexico City who raised their fists during the national anthem? Their civil rights salute became known, especially to upset, outraged and fearful whites, as the "black power salute". Likewise, BLM is a movement for civil rights, which is a thing we should all agree with, but many whites view it differently and have fought back in various ways. Thin Blue Line symbolism is clearly a reaction to BLM. So, even if we give Thin Blue Line advocates the benefit of the doubt, that motivation is purely altruistic toward police and not pushback against BLM, its awfully easy to view it differently. And if you cant see both sides of this issue, youre probably not as fair-minded as you think you are.

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