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Bill would allow a tax to help bail out Boise County

Bill would allow a tax to help bail out Boise County

Mitch Coffman
February 24, 2012

House Majority Caucus Ken Roberts' proposed legislation this week that would allow Boise County commissioners to include an obligation fee on property taxes,  according the Idaho Statesman. The fee would not have to be voted on by citizens of the county. In fact, they would have little or no choice but to pay the increase.

Roberts said he wasn't happy about this bill, but something needed to be done. "I don’t think anyone wants this law on the books. But how is the county supposed to deal with the situation it finds itself in? Are they supposed to sell county property? Lay off employees? Does the county government need to exist?"

Boise Couny is facing a $5.4 million judgment awarded to a developer due a court ruling that the county improperly blocked a development.

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