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Bill to repeal state insurance exchange referred to House speaker

Bill to repeal state insurance exchange referred to House speaker

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 20, 2014

The House State Affairs Committee has agreed to print a bill asking for the repeal of the state insurance exchange.

Last week Rep. Lenore Hardy Barrett, R-Challis, presented the same bill to the committee, imploring her colleagues “to listen to the people of this state.” She requested the committee approve printing her bill to allow further analysis of its merits. “What you need to really listen to are not the lobbyists, not the people who think they’re going to get something for free from the federal government, but the people of this state,” she said.

Some controversy arose over co-sponsors of the bills, plus some committee members said they had questions. The committee then agreed to hold Barrett’s bill and hear it again exactly one week later.

Barrett noted last week that 37 states had chosen to not create their own insurance exchanges in compliance with the federal Obamacare law. “These states are leaving it to the feds to create the exchanges, which means the whole Obamacare thing will implode sooner rather than later.”

At Wednesday’s hearing, a motion was made to print the bill and send it directly to the floor of the House. That motion failed, but a substitute one directing the bill to the speaker of the House did win approval from the committee.

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