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Attitude adjustment

Attitude adjustment

Mitch Coffman
May 18, 2010

From the May 15, 2010 Idaho Falls Post-Register:

Teacher negotiations are the last piece of the budget puzzle in Rexburg, where trustees are trying to make about $3 million in cuts. Last week, teachers turned down the trustees' proposal of 10.5 percent in pay cuts over three years . . . . Sherri Christensen, REA (Rexburg Education Association) president, said she understands board members' caution but the situation is frustrating. "If we're getting paid less, we will work less," Christensen said. "Some of us really will have to go out and find another job."

To broadcast to the world a potential pay cut will mean a work slowdown should be unthinkable in tough times when many people would be grateful to HAVE a job, even one where they had to take a temporary pay cut. Teachers have enviable job protections and privileges, like guaranteed pay raises and lifetime employment, that the rest of us pay for. A little gratitude, instead of a lot of attitude, is in order.

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