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Allred tops Otter in post-primary fundraising

Allred tops Otter in post-primary fundraising

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 25, 2010

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has been passed by his Democratic challenger, Keith Allred, in campaign fundraising for this November’s election.  In new reports filed with the Idaho secretary of state, Allred showed a cash balance of $189,000 as of June 4, while Otter had $161,000.  Allred also raised more and spent less during a reporting period spanning from May 10 to June 4.

Allred said in a news release that the recent fundraising report could carry over to his governing style, if he is elected.  “Not only are we raising more, but we’re spending less than Butch Otter’s campaign,” Allred said in a news release.  “I hope Idahoans are taking note: I’ll be running Idaho’s government in much the same way.”

Otter's campaign has not released a formal response to the reports.  The governor limited his campaign and fundraising activities during the legislative session.  Otter also faced several challengers in the May primary, garnering 55 percent of the GOP vote.  Allred bested one Democratic challenger with 80 percent of the vote.

Among other statewide candidates reporting, incumbent Republicans held larger war chests than their Democratic opponents as of early June.  Secretary of State Ben Ysursa had close to $39,000, while his opponent, Democrat Mack Sermon, a debate professor at College of Idaho in Caldwell, had just over $1,000.  State Controller Donna Jones, who spent $32,000 in a contested primary, had $8,000 on hand.  Democrat Bruce Robinett had $407.  Lt. Gov. Brad Little far outdistanced his Democratic challenger Eldon Wallace--Little had $82,000 while Wallace had just under $300 left in his campaign account.

Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Stan Olson, the outgoing Boise schools superintendent, had $5,800 on hand as of June 4.  Republican Tom Luna, the current state schools superintendent, had more than $69,000 in cash on hand, according to his campaign.

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