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Allred schedules town halls in north, central, and southwest Idaho

Allred schedules town halls in north, central, and southwest Idaho

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 16, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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July 16, 2010

Democratic candidate for governor, Keith Allred, is planning several town hall-style question-and-answer sessions with Idaho voters over the next month.

“When you run for governor, you're not running to be governor of Republicans or Democrats or a particular special interest group," Allred said in a news release.  "It's supposed to be government by, for and of the people.”

The dates and times of the town halls are listed below.

July 19 — Sandpoint Community Hall

July 22 —Boise Egyptian Theatre

Aug. 10 – Nampa

Aug. 26 — Lewiston

Allred is campaining in north Idaho this weekend, with events including a pancake breakfast and parade in Potlatch.

Otter will ride in the Snake River Stampede Parade in Nampa on Saturday.  Both Otter and Allred will be participating in events related to the Snake River Stampede.  Both candidates for governor will also be in Idaho Falls next weekend for the Idaho Falls Air Show.

Independent candidate for governor Jana Kemp, a former Republican state legislator, will be in the Arco Atomic Days parade this weekend, and the Pioneer Days Celebration in Pocatello next weekend.

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