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Allred Makes it Official: He's Running for Governor

Allred Makes it Official: He's Running for Governor

Dustin Hurst
December 17, 2009
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December 17, 2009

In 1983, Keith Allred served as the Student Body President for Twin Falls High; in 2009, he returned to his former school to announce his intention to run for a substantially higher office.

The Twin Falls-born Allred made his gubernatorial candidacy official earlier today in front of supporters in the Twin Falls High School gymnasium.  Though running as a Democrat, he is seeking to appeal to all Idahoans tired of partisan divides.

“I ask all Idahoans – Democrats, Republicans and independents – to join me in this campaign to realize the full promise of a state government that is of, by, and for all Idahoans,” said Allred.

During the ceremony, Allred also tapped former Republican state Senator Laird Noh of Kimberly to serve with former Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus, a Democrat, as honorary co-chairs of his campaign.  Noh said, through a written statement read at the ceremony, that while he is “A Republican rancher with nothing bad to say about Butch Otter,” he believes Allred to be “Uniquely qualified to bring us together, to find common ground so we can move on.”

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