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AARP: old drivers, voters, state retirees won this legislative session

AARP: old drivers, voters, state retirees won this legislative session

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 30, 2010

The Idaho chapter of the AARP said that state retirees and older drivers and voters were some of the winners of the recently-finished legislative session.  Losers include those needing low-cost health insurance or Medicaid.  AARP said retired state employees won when the Senate didn't block a cost of living adjustment for members of the Public Employment Retiree System of Idaho (PERSI).  Older drivers won thanks to a Senate proposal that would allow doctors to tell the Idaho Transportation Department when someone shouldn't be driving, according to the organization.  However, that plan didn't pass the House.  AARP said old voters are winners because legislation requiring photo ID to vote at a polling place includes an exemption allowing people without ID to sign an affidavit swearing to their identity.

The losers of the legislative session, according to AARP, are anyone that could benefit from new federal health care laws.  AARP calls the Idaho Health Freedom Act, which requires the state to challenge the new federal plan, "a roadblock to relief."  The organization also criticized lawmakers for reducing funding for Medicaid, which it says could harm children, families, and the elderly that use the state's safety net.

Read the entire list of the AARP's winners and losers at their website.

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