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AARP asking candidates about the budget and health care

AARP asking candidates about the budget and health care

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 22, 2010

One of Idaho’s largest political organizations is asking candidates for state office for their take on the state budget and health care issues, while also reasserting its stance on the issues.

AARP Idaho represents 180,000 people in the state who are at least 50 years old.  The questions, which will be part of a voter guide that could be released next month, center on four topics: state budget reductions, end-of-life issues, campaign finance reform, and policy measures to boost the number of doctors in Idaho.  AARP offered its position on the topics below the questions in a news release issued Tuesday.  The group is asking candidates for governor and seats in the Idaho Legislature to respond.

“We’re urging the public and our members to get the facts on where the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to them – this voter guide will help do just that,” said Jim Wordelman, the group’s director.  “These aren’t just issues important to the 50-plus voters; they are issues that are top of mind for many Idaho voters.”

The state budget and the end-of-life rights were contentious issues during this year’s legislative session.  AARP is critical of spending reductions for public education and some health care services that affect senior citizens.  The group also opposed a law extending conscience rights to health care workers because it included language that could allow workers not to follow patients’ living wills or other end-of-life care issues.

Lawmakers didn’t tackle campaign finance during the session, except for removing a check off box on state income tax returns that allowed taxpayers to designate $1 of their taxes to a political party.  AARP favors setting limits on campaign contributions and spending by political action committees.  The group also wants state lawmakers to do more to attract and retain physicians.

Read more about AARP Idaho’s positions and their questions for candidates at its blog.

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