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$1 death certificate increase plan headed to the governor

$1 death certificate increase plan headed to the governor

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 25, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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March 25, 2010

The cost of each certified death certificate in Idaho could cost $1 more if Gov. Butch Otter signs legislation approved by state lawmakers.  The Idaho Senate approved the fee increase Thursday.  Money from the fees would go to education programs for county coroners.

“This is a really, really important piece of legislation for the coroners of our state,” said Senate President Pro Tem Bob Geddes, R-Soda Springs.  He said training for coroners who are newly-elected or long-serving is important.  “The work that a coroner does is becoming more significant with the technology that is available.”  Geddes said training can guide coroners when they deal with terrible situations.  “It can help them deal with some of the tragedies that they’re forced to encounter from time to time.”  He also called the additional dollar for death certificates “not exorbitantly expensive.”

The price of a death certificate would rise from $13 to $14.  That increase should generate $50,000 for coroner education programs.  Senators approved the increase 34-0.  Read IdahoReporter.com's story on the House approval of the legislation here.

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