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Click here to view and download the final 2015 Freedom Index.

Click here for the interactive 2015 Idaho Freedom Index. 

See the 2015 Freedom Index rating metric here.

See the 2014 Freedom Index summary here.

See the 2014 Freedom Index by-district summary here.

See the 2014 Freedom Index rating metric.

Note: The Freedom Index focuses on policy, so we don’t rate appropriations bills. 

Disclaimer: The Idaho Freedom Index is an aggregation of the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s non-partisan analysis and rating of bills voted on by the Idaho Legislature during each legislative session. The Idaho Freedom Index is not intended to serve as either an express or an implied endorsement or rejection of any candidate for public office. Idaho Freedom Foundation recognizes that there are inherent limitations in judging the qualifications of any legislator on the basis of a selected number of votes, and legislative activities such as performance on committees and constituent services are not reflected in the scores of the Idaho Freedom Index.

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