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IFF Analyst Briana LeClaire talks school choice

IFF Analyst Briana LeClaire talks school choice

Mitch Coffman
January 15, 2012

National School Choice Week is Jan. 22-28. School choice has become an important issue across the country, as citizens realize the best way for a child to receive the education he or she deserves is to have a choice of where to receive that education.

Comedian Bill Cosby, a longtime advocate for education, said recently that he supports National School Choice Week because, “all children in America should be able to access the best schools possible.”

Briana LeClaire, education policy analyst for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, spoke up for school choice in Idaho, saying Idahoans need more choices to get a world-class education, especially with many parts of Idaho being rural. LeClaire also said Idaho is headed in the right direction with the school reform legislation that was passed in 2011.


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