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Answers to frequently asked questions about sex ed in Idaho

By Anna Miller and Dr. Scott Yenor Idaho’s government promotes radical gender theories in schools and builds partnerships with interest groups pushing the sexualization of children, like Planned Parenthood.  How is this happening? Follow the money and the curriculum from the federal government through Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) to Idaho’s health districts. […]


Boise School District asked kids about preferred pronouns in back-to-school surveys

The Boise School District gave students the option to report their preferred pronouns in multiple back-to-school surveys. Between Aug. 1 and Aug. 19, multiple instructors administered back-to-school surveys as a way to become better acquainted with their students. In approximately 32 separate surveys, teachers included a question asking students about their pronouns or preferred pronouns. […]


Redesigned Center for American Education website empowers parents with new tools, resources

Idaho parents and residents now have more resources at their disposal to help them better understand the state’s education system, the benefits of school choice, and the educational resources available to them and their children. The pandemic opened many parents’ eyes not only to problems with their local schools but also to the necessity of […]

The Center for American Education works with state legislators, policymakers, and parents to promote transformational change to our state and national education system so that it best serves the families and students who utilize it. We conduct research on and advocate for policies that empower students and their families and prepare individuals to pursue academic truth, advance knowledge, and contribute to the growth of a strong moral order and prosperous society.
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