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We're hiring: Local government policy analyst

We're hiring: Local government policy analyst

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 4, 2021
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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January 4, 2021

The Idaho Freedom Foundation, the state’s leading public policy research organization, is looking to hire a local government policy analyst. In this position you will:

  • Fight for a free society day in and day out.
  • Research, write, and speak publicly about policies that impede people’s natural rights.
  • Expose government corruption, dishonesty, and other bad behavior.
  • Expose and fight policies that are the embodiment of socialism or central planning.
  • Be a resource for local elected officials, legislators, and the public on free market solutions.

You are an ideal candidate if you:

  • Are passionate about free markets and limited government.
  • Are naturally skeptical about government promises, programs, and statements.
  • Have strong writing, research, and analysis skills, meaning you can analyze data and documents, laws, rules, ordinances, contracts, and spreadsheets, and can comfortably write quickly and convincingly about complex policy matters.
  • Are a self-starter, can work as part of a team and independently, and can prioritize work for maximum effectiveness and policy outcomes.
  • Are comfortable working for an organization that is a frequent target of the liberal news media and their friends in government.
  • Are comfortable speaking one-on-one with policymakers, reporters, the general public, and testifying before government panels.
  • Are fearless in the face of criticism.

Also helpful but not required:

  • Experience working for or with a center-right public policy research organization.
  • Have education, experience, or training on government budgeting, taxes, public affairs, or public policy.
  • Are familiar with Idaho statutes on local governments and how local units of government receive funding. 

Please email a cover letter including salary requirements, and resume with the subject line: local government policy analyst, in PDF format to Alli Megal at alli@idahofreedom.net by January 18, 2021.

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