Statist of the Week

March 22, 2021

Welcome back! Guess what time it is! Oh yes, once again, it is time to reveal our Statist of the Week!

The competition is fierce. Who is most deserving of this week’s honor? Maybe there are multiple people who glow red hot under the statism spotlight. Last week, we crowned 34 winners, for crying out loud. 

Well, let the suspense end because this week’s winner is none other than … 

Carl Crabtree, a state senator from Grangeville, Idaho.

I had the pleasure of being in Grangeville several days ago for the Idaho County Lincoln Day event. He was there too. Now, Crabtree serves on three committees: Senate Education, Transportation, and the budget committee. So you’d expect he would come back home and talk about what he’s been doing down in Boise – you know, like working on education, transportation, or budget issues.

In fact, Crabtree was the architect of a bill that gives political cover to Idaho’s colleges and universities so that they can continue their social justice indoctrination, taking a mere $409,000 out of Boise State University’s budget and nothing out of the budgets of the state’s other four-year schools. But did he talk about that? Did he defend that budget or the other budget he was involved in writing that would give millions of dollars to a left-leaning organization so that it can preach critical race theory to preschoolers?


Instead, he talked about the state of the economy, tax relief, and Mike Simpson’s plan to get rid of the four lower Snake River dams. Those issues are important, but they’re not issues he’s working on. 

At the dinner, he handed out an op-ed he wrote opposing the breaching of Idaho’s dams. Dam breaching would hurt the entire state’s economy. But apart from writing about it, Crabtree has virtually no role in this issue. Not at the Statehouse.  

The indoctrination of Idaho’s young people would also hurt the state’s economy and is a major part of Crabtree’s job at the capitol. On both the education and budget committees, he has oversight. And he had an audience full of people waiting to hear what he’s working on, and he did not even bring it up. 

Why did Crabtree refuse to talk about the things he’s actually working on? Because that’s what statists do. They vote to increase the size of government. They give cover to government employees to keep doing whatever they’ve been doing. And then they go back home and talk about the things they think will make them sound conservative. 

Carl’s voting record on this is very clear. Take a look at his Idaho Spending Index score on the Idaho Freedom website. It was 21% in 2019 and 10% in 2020. This year, so far, Carl’s spending index is 0. Meaning he votes for big government budgets every single time. On containing spending, there’s little daylight between Carl and liberal Boise Democrats. 

It’s very typical for statists working in our state capitol. Don’t talk about what you’re really doing. Talk red meat instead. If anyone questions you, why, just yell, “NANCY PELOSI!” Change the topic and live to grow government another day. 

That’s why Carl Crabtree is the Statist of the Week! Congratulations, Carl. Who should be next week’s winner? Drop me a note at [email protected] and let me know. 

Until next time.

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