Statist of the Week: Youngblood, desperate to distract from his record, lies about IFF

March 26, 2021

It’s time once again for our Statist of the Week!

The Legislature is in recess, but unfortunately, statism is not. No, statism is the Energizer Bunny of political ideologies. It keeps going and going and going. And because statism includes socialism, Marxism, and communism, the people who practice statism have to spend their off hours coming up with creative ideas for explaining away why they’re so into big government. 

Some are doing so because their Freedom Indexes are not looking so hot. Most of the nominees for this week’s award fit that category. 

We heard from Idahoans who want to nominate Sens. Jim Woodward, Lee Heider, and Jim Patrick. Or Reps. Laurie Lickley, Clark Kauffman, Lance Clow, or Linda Hartgen because of their obvious support for growing government. 

But today, we’re going to focus on Rep. Rick Youngblood. Youngblood is our Statist of the Week, in the category of Outstanding Dedication to Making Bogus Claims About Others. Recently, he was asked, “Why is your Freedom Index score so bad?” Youngblood has a 59% on the Index.

Instead of owning up to the fact that he’s been voting for bigger government, this legislator, Youngblood, made false claims about the Idaho Freedom Foundation. In an email, Youngblood claimed that the Idaho Freedom Foundation is somehow connected with the Libertarian Party, and that we’re busy promoting gambling, prostitution,and transgenderism. 

That’s just nonsense. Talk about bogus. And talk about the pot trying to pretend it's not the kettle. Because the word “transgenderism” is going to come up again in this episode. Foreshadowing! 

First, why does Youngblood have 59% on the Idaho Freedom Index. Let’s look at Youngblood’s voting record together, shall we? 

He voted to make it a crime for drivers to hold their phone and glance at a navigation app.

Voted to put the state in the broadband business.

Voted to raise snowmobile fees, drivers license fees, and hunting fees.

Voted to criminalize an exercise of free speech.

Voted to impose a series of new regulations on insurers, farmers, and landlords. 

He voted against making it easier for voters to figure out the effect of a bond or levy proposal on the ballot. 

He voted to compel cities and counties to keep paying newspapers millions of dollars to print legal notices that no one ever reads. 

(whew that’s a lot!)

Now, I’ll grant you, looking just at the Freedom Index, he’s not as much of a statist as some of the Republicans and Democrats he serves with. But on the Idaho Spending Index, Youngblood votes exactly the same as the Big Government Democrats in the House of Representatives. 

I say again, Youngblood’s voting record on appropriations bills is identical to that of the most leftist of leftists in the Idaho House. 

And of transgenderism, it was Youngblood who voted to give a $6 million grant to a left-wing organization that teaches pre-kindergartners that gender is fluid. That bill was rated negatively on our Spending Index. 

Rick Youngblood is being dishonest about his voting record and about IFF – because he’s a statist, and his voting record bears that out. And that’s why Rick Youngblood is our Statist of the Week! 

What do you think about this week’s winner? Leave a comment. Drop me a line: [email protected]. Also don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, if you’re watching on YouTube, be sure to hit the notification button. And don’t forget to keep sending your nominations in. And we’ll talk to you next time.

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