Statists of the Week: Two lawmakers win the crown for higher ed budget votes

April 12, 2021

It’s time once again for our Statist of the Week! 

The Legislature is back in town and that means statism is in season. And the number of possible contenders for the Statist of the Week has gone up – a lot. Who is deserving of this week’s honors?

Why it’s state Representatives Caroyln Troy and Randy Armstrong. Troy and Armstrong joined 11 Democrats to vote in favor of a budget for Idaho’s higher education system that lets them keep teaching radicalism, embracing Black Lives Matters, and keep spending money on lessons on how white people are inherently racist. 

Now, we know why the Democrats voted in favor of the budget. Some of them said that these lessons aren’t so radical. Some of them said the Legislature should not be involved in providing oversight into lessons and programs on Idaho’s college campuses. And so on. 

But why did Troy and Armstrong vote yes? Did they not hear all the examples their colleagues gave of bad behavior on the campuses on Boise State University, Idaho State University, the University of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College? There’s a mountain of evidence that shows these schools are engaged in a huge indoctrination play, one that views America as irredeemably racist because it was built on racism. How could Troy and Armstrong support this funding?

Well, one thing about statists is they put the needs and demands of government institutions ahead of the needs of being served by government institutions. Another thing statists do is try to vote in support of the people and institutions that are big players in their area, regardless of whether they’re doing good or bad. 

The University of Idaho is in Troy’s district. Idaho State University is a big player in Armstrong’s region. And so, they voted yes. Because that’s what statists do. Troy is a repeat player here on our Statist of the Week. It’s the third time she’s gotten the recognition. But it’s Armstrong’s first time here. 

So Troy and Armstrong are our Statists of the Week. Who should get the award next time? Drop me a line, [email protected] and let me know. 

And don’t forget to vote for our Statist of the Quarter! Every vote counts. Be sure to click the link below to let us know who you think is most deserving of the award. Until next time!

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