“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”
-Thomas Paine
May 2020

Got Idahoans back to work. 

On May 11, 2021, Gov. Brad Little announced Idaho's withdrawal from federal pandemic unemployment benefits, effective June 19. "My decision is based on a fundamental conservative principle – we do not want people on unemployment. We want people working," Little said in a press release.  

Prior to Little's announcement, small businesses across the state, already struggling to gain their footing after weathering the pandemic, complained about a dire worker shortage. Thanks to the generous federal payments, many workers earned more on unemployment than via gainful employment. IFF pointed this out to Little, who took action to remedy the situation.

Read the governor's press release here.

December 2020

Exposed political radicalism in higher education. 

Idaho universities spend millions on political activism, but IFF exposed how colleges infuse liberal ideology into campus life, and helped legislators commit to ensuring colleges return to their core educational mission. Read our first report here

September 2020

Defeated teachers union politics. 

In September, hundreds of teachers participated in a union-organized "sick out" strike that closed dozens of schools. IFF partnered with parents to sue, and the union admitted it’s illegal to break their contract, strike, and abandon their responsibility to students and families.

September 2020

Education grants for families and students

The families of 33,000 children (half of them low-income) can put tax dollars toward the education that works best for them, rather than pouring that money straight to the public school system. Read more about that here

June 2020

Property tax relief

More than 300,000 Idaho households and businesses saw property taxes 10-20% lower than they would have been, totaling $125 million in relief for residents whose cities and counties accepted the tax relief. The idea, adopted by Gov. Brad Little, originated in IFF's policy shop. Read more here

June 2020

Increase healthcare access during the pandemic. 

IFF’s policies led to reducing restrictions on online doctor appointments and making it easier for retired and out-of-state doctors to get a license and get to work. 

March 2020

Restricted ambush property tax hikes. 

IFF helped pass restrictions that make it harder for cities to undo tax relief and collect money left to Idahoans in previous years. Read our Idaho Freedom Index analysis of the legislation here



March 2020

More accountable city governments. 

Large cities will elect their councils by district. Thus, the council can’t be dominated by a small neighborhood, and residents across a city will be better represented. Read the Idaho Freedom Index analysis of this legislation here

March 2020

Equality in public hiring. 

Idaho won’t consider race or characteristics in public hiring, ensuring that all applicants have an equal chance to show their merits. Read the Idaho Freedom Index analysis of that legislation here

January 2020

Transparent budgeting, less spending. 

Early 2020, Gov. Little announced he would decrease spending growth to 3.75%—down from nearly 7%. Further, he pledged to use IFF’s more rigorous method for calculating budgets, a step toward transparency and tax relief. 

November 2016

IFF releases Hope Vetoed, a documentary revealing the state-caused plight of Josh Phillips

Idaho's cannabis laws are in desperate need of reform, IFF argues. These despotic laws are harming people like Josh Phillips, a young man from Salmon who needs CBD oil to calm his violent seizures. To highlight this issue, IFF releases this documentary, which would eventually be recognized as a top freedom film by the Atlas Network. Read more about Josh here.

December, 2013 exposes a loophole in the Idaho Opportunity Fund that allows certain contracts to be exempt from public disclosure.

January, 2013

Calling for more transparency at the statehouse, IFF begins posting all Senate and House floor videos on, prompting lawmakers to reconsider the policy of destroying recordings after five days.

June, 2012’s investigative reporting reveals how Transform Solar took $1.7 million in direct taxpayer subsidies only to go bankrupt a short time later.

January 2012

IFF launches the Idaho Freedom Index, showing which bills and which legislators support Big Government.

September 2011

IFF convinces opposing factions in north Idaho to oppose the state insurance exchange, forestalling any legislative action on the issue in 2012.

May 2011

Working on both state and federal levels to stop the implementation of Obamacare, IFF files and amicus brief in federal court opposing the law.

January 2011

IFF exposes backroom labor union deals, payments for non-existent students and failed retirement incentives, prompting legislative action.

October 2010

IFF sues the city of Coeur d’Alene and wins the release of public employee salary data.

January 2010

IFF’s first government waste report exposes state funding of political parties, prompting legislators to repeal the law that allowed the diversion of taxpayer dollars.

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