Larry Dunn

Mountain View School District
Zone 5

Candidate Responses

What do you believe is the fundamental role of education?
To impart the knowledge and the cognitive skills necessary to succeed in life, to be a productive and responsible citizen, and to live up to one's potential.
How would you promote rigorous academic instruction and excellence in your school district?
As a Trustee I see it as my job to examine and confirm that the instruction, texts and other material, as well as seeing to it that our teaching imparts - free from political distortion and antithetical manipulation - truth, accuracy and those values consistent with our Judeo-Christian and American heritage, with an eye always on preparing students to function intelligently and with integrity in this ever changing world. I would 'promote rigorous academic instruction and excellence' by personally reviewing curriculum as well as forming a volunteer team of parents and other concerned citizens to help with an on-going curriculum review process, as well as establishing a "parent's library" of any and ALL current texts and other materials being used in our schools, which parents could check out to review, in order to promote transparency and a broad based means of ensuring what our kids are being taught 'from' is consistent with our values and priorities. I also intend to publish a news letter and maintain an open line of communication with parents and the community in order to have an on-going dialogue about those matters effecting instruction.
How do you define Critical Race Theory? When implemented in school policies and curriculum, do you think Critical Race Theory differs from simply “teaching history?”
Critical race theory (CRT) has NO place and should not be taught anywhere in the U.S., including and especially NOT in our schools. Why? Because CRT teaches that we are ALL either victims or oppressors. That we should automatically distrust and even hate people based solely on their skin color. -- Teaching history differs from CRT because the former teaches facts and events related to time-lines and to each other in context. CRT is a mind-game manipulation which teaches, as I said before, we are either victims or oppressors - in other words, enemies. That is patently unacceptable.
How do you define Social Emotional Learning (SEL)? Would you encourage the implementation of any SEL model in your school district? If so, which model and why?
SEL is the insidious manipulation of typically young minds by instilling a paradigm from which everything around us is viewed from an 'equality vs equity' perspective. An excellent, albeit brief, discussion of SEL can be found in a recent piece in The Federalist ( ) . SEL in any form DOES NOT and SHOULD not be allowed in any school district.
How would you respond to the Idaho State Board and Department of Education’s recent dissemination of resources such as the SEL Roadmap for Reopening Schools, which argues that schools should adopt anti-racist practices, focus on social justice, and conduct staff-wide implicit bias trainings? Should teachers be required to attend these kinds of trainings?
Such Anti-American insidiousness should not get anywhere near our schools, and especially does not belong in teacher training.
Should your school district be required to teach a sex education curriculum? If so, should this curriculum include instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity? Should parents and guardians be required to provide consent before their children participate in any sex education curriculum?
Sex Ed in public schools should be limited to the realm of Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) - much the same as one would teach how the heart and lungs function together to produce oxygenation. Instruction on appropriate and inappropriate sexual activity, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity are topics for parents to discuss with their kids - Period. -- YES. Parents and guardians should be required to provide EXPRESSED consent before their children may participate in any sex education curriculum.
How should school districts respond to the Idaho School Boards Association’s recommendation that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify?
School Districts should ignore such NONSENSE.
Do you support mask mandates in schools as a COVID-19 mitigation strategy? Do you support implementation of any other policies or practices designed to mitigate the effects of COVID-19?
No. I DO NOT support mask or any other "mandates" related to this issue. Parents should be counseled to and supported in seeking advice from their doctor or other healthcare professional(s). As far as COVID-19 (as well as the seasonal flu, hepatitis, etc.) mitigation practices goes, aside from what parents choose to do, school districts should promote and encourage on a continual basis "universal" health and safety practices including but not limited to frequent hand washing, staying home if you're sick (with anything), getting plenty of rest, eating a balanced diet, getting fresh air and exercise, and doing those things which tend to support a healthy immune system and general well-being. The Government in the form of OUR schools has no business dictating the behavior of citizens related to this issue.