Brittany Gish

Caldwell School District
Zone 1
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Candidate Responses

What do you believe is the fundamental role of education?
I believe the fundamental role of education is to teach our children the fundamentals. I do not think educators , political or religious beliefs have any place in the classroom nor do their sexual preferences or gender identities. Stick to the facts. The fundamentals.
How would you promote rigorous academic instruction and excellence in your school district?
I am not a politician. The whole reason I am running for this position is to protect our children and to restore parent choice. I want to ensure that no inappropriate or racist or incorrect curriculum makes its way to our children.
How do you define Critical Race Theory? When implemented in school policies and curriculum, do you think Critical Race Theory differs from simply “teaching history?”
CRT is extremely dangerous. It promotes that white children are inherently racist and that children of color are inherently disadvantaged. Neither of these things are true and it is not history
How do you define Social Emotional Learning (SEL)? Would you encourage the implementation of any SEL model in your school district? If so, which model and why?
SEL is a cover up for CRT. They just rebranded it so when we aren't paying attention they can slip it in. I do not approve of SEL curriculum.
How would you respond to the Idaho State Board and Department of Education’s recent dissemination of resources such as the SEL Roadmap for Reopening Schools, which argues that schools should adopt anti-racist practices, focus on social justice, and conduct staff-wide implicit bias trainings? Should teachers be required to attend these kinds of trainings?
I think it is dangerous and disturbing. I am absolutely against our teachers being brainwashed by these trainings.
Should your school district be required to teach a sex education curriculum? If so, should this curriculum include instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity? Should parents and guardians be required to provide consent before their children participate in any sex education curriculum?
Absolutely not. Sexual Education has zero place in elementary and middle school. There are only two genders male and female anything else is a lie and should not be taught. As for high school sexual education should consist of teaching abstinence and reproductive health only and it should be only taught to children whose parents have signed a consent form.
How should school districts respond to the Idaho School Boards Association’s recommendation that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify?
Another hard no from me. This is a violation of privacy. Boys use the boys RR and girls use the girls RR. Regardless of how they identify.
Do you support mask mandates in schools as a COVID-19 mitigation strategy? Do you support implementation of any other policies or practices designed to mitigate the effects of COVID-19?
I 1000% do not support mask mandates or any other mandates in our schools. Our children's health should be our responsibility. Parent choice. Covid is here it's not going anywhere , I do not see any benefit in implementing covid mitigation strategies that do not work and are a political statement. I do not believe in muzzling our children for funding . It's disturbing.