Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion

Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion


Wayne Hoffman: Support from Planned Parenthood, Pelosi makes Prop 2’s Medicaid expansion  an easy decision

Rep. Bryan Zollinger & Fred Birnbaum: To understand support for Prop. 2, follow the money

Dr. John Livingston: Medicaid expansion the moral path? Not so fast

Wayne Hoffman: Medicaid expansion costs based on 10-year economic boom

Press release: Idahoans for Healthcare is lying: Prop 2 won’t return Idahoans’ money to Idaho

Fred Birnbaum: Milliman’s cost estimates for Prop 2 Medicaid expansion push are not credible

Wayne Hoffman: Passing Prop 2 won’t return Idaho’s money to Idaho

Rick Santorum: A better solution for people in the “gap” who need health insurance

Wayne Hoffman: Jim Jones criticizes the national debt—but supports billions more in Obamacare spending

Wayne Hoffman: ​Hospitals that can’t explain costs shouldn’t be trusted to predict Obamacare’s price tag

Press release: Activists using suspect numbers to promote Obamacare expansion

Dr. John Livingston: Obamacare expansion: No guarantee of healthcare access or quality care

Fred Birnbaum: Medicaid expansion ‘cure’ is worse than the disease

Wayne Hoffman: Growing Medicaid program is already hurting schools, other programs

Dr. John Livington: It’s our duty to care for the sick and afflicted, not the government’s

Wayne Hoffman: New research: More than half of Medicaid expansion enrollees don’t work

Wayne Hoffman: Obamacare initiative has problems, and Idaho voters need to hear them

Wayne Hoffman: Media’s Medicaid story makes for great fiction

Wayne Hoffman: Rendering personal assistance reflects who we are as Idahoans

Fred Birnbaum: Rubel is wrong on Medicaid expansion spending

Research & Resources

Click to view and/or download any of the following documents:

  1. Ballot initiative language

  2. Idaho attorney general’s opinion on ballot initiative

  3. IFF’s Powerpoint presentation on Medicaid expansion’s myriad problems

  4. IFF Vice President Fred Birnbaum’s Medicaid expansion talking points

  5. Spending comparison of public education, Medicaid, and transportation

  6. Foundation for Government Accountability report: How Obamacare is bankrupting taxpayers

  7. IFF’s arguments against Proposition 2 for the statewide voter pamphlet, plus rebuttal to proponents’ arguments

  8.  The Hill: Liberal labor union funding Medicaid expansion push in Idaho

  9. IFF’s Lindsay Atkinson: Subsidized insurance is available for the working poor as an alternative to Medicaid

  10. Utah’s ballot initiative language, which includes a tax hike

  11. Foundation for Government Accountability: Obamacare isn’t Working

  12. D.C. dollars funding Medicaid expansion campaign

  13.  Medicaid expansion dollars will flow to Planned Parenthood

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