Obamacare's Medicaid expansion


Wayne Hoffman: Support from Planned Parenthood, Pelosi makes Prop 2’s Medicaid expansion  an easy decision

Rep. Bryan Zollinger & Fred Birnbaum: To understand support for Prop. 2, follow the money

Dr. John Livingston: Medicaid expansion the moral path? Not so fast

Wayne Hoffman: Medicaid expansion costs based on 10-year economic boom

Press release: Idahoans for Healthcare is lying: Prop 2 won’t return Idahoans’ money to Idaho

Fred Birnbaum: Milliman's cost estimates for Prop 2 Medicaid expansion push are not credible

Wayne Hoffman: Passing Prop 2 won't return Idaho's money to Idaho

Rick Santorum: A better solution for people in the “gap” who need health insurance

Wayne Hoffman: Jim Jones criticizes the national debt—but supports billions more in Obamacare spending

Wayne Hoffman: ​Hospitals that can’t explain costs shouldn’t be trusted to predict Obamacare’s price tag

Press release: Activists using suspect numbers to promote Obamacare expansion

Dr. John Livingston: Obamacare expansion: No guarantee of healthcare access or quality care

Fred Birnbaum: Medicaid expansion 'cure' is worse than the disease

Wayne Hoffman: Growing Medicaid program is already hurting schools, other programs

Dr. John Livington: It's our duty to care for the sick and afflicted, not the government's

Wayne Hoffman: New research: More than half of Medicaid expansion enrollees don't work

Wayne Hoffman: Obamacare initiative has problems, and Idaho voters need to hear them

Wayne Hoffman: Media's Medicaid story makes for great fiction

Wayne Hoffman: Rendering personal assistance reflects who we are as Idahoans

Fred Birnbaum: Rubel is wrong on Medicaid expansion spending

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