Lockdown to Liberty.


Lockdown to Liberty: How to help Idahoans trying to rebuild their lives

Serving time for a crime is meant to be an opportunity for rehabilitation, not an endless condemnation. Yet, rehabilitated offenders face numerous, counterproductive government obstacles in their path to find meaningful work and rebuild their lives.

From the instant a judge pounds her gavel to when a prisoner changes out of his inmate jumpsuit for the last time, that prisoner faces a system that is built on one end truth: Unless he is given a life sentence, he will eventually be getting out.

Getting out is his hope. But Idaho law currently sets up a bleak “out” for many Idahoans with criminal records, especially related to the chance of pursuing their desired occupations.

Released prisoners should not be shackled to their past through all of their future pursuits. Yet Idaho has hundreds of shackles, all imposed through the language of law.

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Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

Bryan Stevenson, author, Just Mercy

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