The Center for Defense of Liberty is Idaho Freedom Foundation’s public interest litigation project dedicated to filing and supporting suits in courts of law to prevent governments from acting in violation of the constitutional rights of the people of Idaho. The Center for Defense of Liberty is strongly dedicated to Idaho Freedom Foundation’s mission of “Restoring Liberty, Improving Lives” and represents the next step in IFF’s drive to protect and empower all Idahoans.

The proponents of big government have long used the courts to support and promote the growth of government at every level. In recent years, however, liberty-minded organizations have filed and litigated cases in courts throughout the country, and have experienced significant victories in the fight for liberty. We believe that it is high time that the same model be applied in Idaho to help stem the tide of unchecked growth of government and the loss of individual liberty.

It is now more essential than ever before that we stand up for our rights and liberties. Whether at the federal, state, county, city or local level, if the government is violating the rights of the people, the Center for Defense of Liberty will be there to take up the fight. Challenging the government on its own turf is never easy or inexpensive thing to do, but with your generous financial support we can help establish Idaho as a beacon of liberty, and a model for other states to follow in affirming and protecting the rights of their own citizens.


Center for Defense of Liberty Mission Statement

Using the power of the courts and the protections afforded by the Constitution of the State of Idaho and the Constitution of the United States, the Idaho Freedom Foundation Center for Defense of Liberty fights to protect those whose liberties are denied by the government. By employing targeted litigation, engaging in strategic partnerships with other liberty-minded organizations, and educating the public about important legal issues, the Center for Defense of Liberty empowers the citizens of Idaho to maximize their potential and to be the drivers of their own future.

Legal Review Committee

The Center for Defense of Liberty has assembled a Legal Review Committee to guide and assist the Center in pursuing its mission. The Legal Review Committee consists of a team of bright and dedicated Idaho attorneys, all firm believers in the power of liberty, and all willing to fight the odds and stand up for the rights of the everyday citizen.


Arthur Macomber

Art Macomber has an undergraduate degree in business from George Fox University. Prior to attending the University of California Hastings College of the Law he enjoyed 25 years in business, real estate and construction. Art runs Macomber Law, PLLC with one associate in Coeur d’Alene, focusing on real property, land use, water and construction law. Art believes that the law must support liberty and federalism, which means the law must be easily understandable by ordinary citizens of our republic.


Vaughn Fisher

A graduate of Kent State University and Thomas Cooley Law School, Vaughn Fisher’s civil trial practice is focused on diverse and complex contract and tort cases in state and federal court. He also identifies, hires and manages attorneys in other jurisdictions for Idaho interests and is very experienced with multi-jurisdictional litigation. Vaughn’s personal philosophy is “let them compete,” believing that competition and voluntary, economic transactions are the foundation of an efficient and just economic system.


Kersti Kennedy

Kersti Kennedy is a civil litigator with the Boise office of a large national law firm. She currently works in the area of commercial litigation and was a family law lawyer previously. During law school, she interned with the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. Kersti’s personal philosophy is that our legal system should protect life, liberty and property, and do nothing else.


Peter Shearer

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Law School, Peter Shearer spent several years working for the Nebraska Legislature as a legislative aide and committee counsel. Upon moving to Idaho, Peter began as a general practitioner, but found himself doing more and more work in the area of collections. Ultimately Peter limited his practice to collection work and for many years worked exclusively for a rapidly growing collection agency with multiple offices in Idaho and Utah. Peter is a long-time admirer and supporter of the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest law firm, and its “Merry Band of Litigators for Liberty” and he is excited about helping the Center for Defense of Liberty to follow the Institute for Justice’s lead.


Mark Pollot

Mark L. Pollot is an attorney, and independent consultant on constitutional, environmental, international, and public policy matters. Mr. Pollot was formerly the Special Assistant to the Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and a special litigator in the Department’s Civil Rights Division. Formerly a Research Fellow with the Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy, based in San Francisco, he authored the highly regarded and widely acclaimed Grand Theft and Petit Larceny: Property Rights in America, an international award-winning book on the law and policy implications of property rights protection. He is a member of the bars of several state and federal courts, including, among others, the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Mr. Pollot is a member of, and has served as an advisor and consultant to, numerous national and local foundations, institutes, grassroots, and other organizations concerned with Constitutional, environmental, land use, international, and public policy issues. He has appeared as a guest on numerous television and radio programs across the country from Guam to Washington, D.C., including shows hosted by such prominent personalities as G. Gordon Liddy. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Diego Law School.


Jeremiah Hudson

Bio coming soon.


This is a collection of resources for our various projects and issues. Here you will find news clippings, press releases and other up-to-date information. We believe that part of job is to keep the public informed on the public policy issues the Center is involved in around the state. Simply click on an issue below.


Center for Defense of Liberty Case Selection

The Center for Defense of Liberty files lawsuits in federal and state courts throughout Idaho. We rely on supporters of liberty to report violations of civil and economic liberties so that our staff and advisers can identify those cases that will best be able to vindicate the rights and liberties of our individual clients and to establish new legal precedents that will improve the lives of all Idahoans in the future. The Declaration of Rights of the Idaho Constitution; the Idaho Constitution; the Bill of Rights; the United States Constitution; these are not just words on pieces of parchment – they are the principles to which our governments are to be bound, and they form the foundation upon which the rights of the people may be protected.

The Center for Defense of Liberty does, however, have limited resources on which to draw in defending the liberty of Idahoans, so we are only able to take on a limited number of cases each year. By filling out this form, you are providing us with the information that we need in order to evaluate your case, and to see if we may be able to take you on as a client or act in a supporting role for your current attorney. Please be patient, as we frequently receive numerous requests each week. We will review all requests for assistance, but it may take up to a month for your request to be evaluated by the Center’s Legal Review Committee. If we do take on a case, it will be handled free of charge. Because the primary goal of the Center for Defense of Liberty is to protect clients whose liberties are being denied by the government, the Center is looking for cases with special characteristics.

Please be aware that many cases have strict time constraints that determine when various filings be made. The Center for Defense of Liberty is not able to advise you about the deadlines that apply to your case, and we recommend that you contact an attorney promptly in order to find out what deadlines apply in your case and to preserve your rights with regard to your case.

Please understand that unless the Center for Defense of Liberty agrees to take your case and you have signed a Retainer Agreement with the Center for Defense of Liberty, your are solely responsible for any and all statutes of limitations or other deadlines that might apply to your specific situation. If you have concerns about statutes of limitations or if you feels that your case demands immediate attention, you may wish to seek advice from an attorney.