2020 property tax relief tracker

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Will you see property tax relief on your next assessment? Is your city or county taking advantage of Gov. Brad Little’s $200 million property tax relief program? Search the map below to find out. Read more about Gov. Brad Little’s property tax relief program here.

Three promising bills could provide property tax relief for Idahoans

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There is, perhaps, a glimmer of hope for people like Boise’s Kari Wardle. Kari, 40, juggles full-time employment and raising a 5-year-old boy, while caring for her terminally-ill mom. But it’s her rising property taxes that have her really rattled.  “My wages don’t increase enough every year to offset these costs,” Wardle explained. “With medical expenses and my child, even …

Finally, people know: Urban renewal adds to property tax pain

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Maybe, just maybe, people are starting to recognize that urban renewal plays a significant part in making it unaffordable for Idahoans to keep their homes.  At least that’s my take from having watched Canyon County elected officials in open revolt regarding a plan to start another urban renewal project. They verbalized concern it would compound problems for property taxpayers. My, …

Cut spending to provide property tax relief

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A property tax revolt is brewing in Idaho, and it is easy to understand why. Homeowners are seeing property taxes increase faster than their incomes and that is not sustainable. Seniors, picture a moving truck pulling up to your house; those on fixed incomes can’t — won’t be able to — keep up with upward spiraling tax increases. Those who attended …