Still undecided on Prop 2, the Obamacare expansion?

We get it. Doing your homework ahead of tough votes isn't easy. 

But we are here to help. 

I just saw that Butch Otter endorsed Prop 2. That makes this a bipartisan, Idaho solution, right?  

Not really. The solution is only bipartisan in that both wings of the establishment—Democrat and Republican—are doing the bidding of Big Medicine special interests, which stand to gain hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars if voters expand Medicaid.

The Idaho Sheriffs endorsed Prop 2 and they’re mostly Republicans. Why did they endorse the proposition?

The endorsement was driven by the leadership of the Sheriff’s Association. Most Sheriffs will acknowledge that they have not been educated on the issue, some of them didn’t even vote on the association’s resolution.

I’ve heard that Prop 2 will bring millions of Idahoans’ tax dollars back to Idaho. Is this true? 

No. There is no pot of money set aside for Prop 2 funding. Rather, the federal government will borrow from our kids and grandkids to pay for the federal portion of Medicaid expansion. In short, the national debt will increase.

Would expansion help children and the disabled? 

Low-income children and the disabled are already covered by traditional Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid to cover able-bodied adults would likely take resources away from children and the disabled on Medicaid.

If Idaho expands Medicaid, the state can reverse course during times of fiscal hardship, right? 

There is no evidence that Idaho can back out of Medicaid expansion if we fall on hard times. No state has ever done that.

I’ve heard groups like the Idaho Freedom Foundation call this Obamacare expansion. Is that the case? Why does that matter? 

Medicaid expansion was—and is—the cornerstone of Obamacare with its false promises: You can keep your doctor and your insurance plan. Obamacare has failed to lower healthcare costs and expansion would be a lifeline to keep Obamacare's broken promises going.

Pro-Prop 2 activists told me this won’t hurt school funding. Would Prop 2’s passage harm school funding? 

False. Medicaid expansion would require money from the state’s General Fund—which also funds schools. So, more money for Medicaid would mean less money for schools, corrections, and other priorities.

I’ve heard that Prop 2 would give free, taxpayer-funded healthcare to 62,000 people. Is that accurate? 

Sadly, it is accurate. Medicaid expansion will give taxpayer-funded healthcare to able-bodied adults and make them dependent on government.

Would Prop 2 really add to the national debt? If so, how much? 

Over the next decade, Medicaid expansion will add at least $4.7 billion to our national debt, at least according to Milliman, a controversial actuarial firm. Other estimates put the number at more than $7 billion.

I’ve heard over and over that the push to expand Medicaid is a bottom-up, grassroots campaign. Is that true? 

Sort of, but that statement doesn’t tell the whole story. There are some volunteers pushing Obamacare expansion, but Idahoans for Healthcare received more than $900,000 from big business and radical labor unions to fund the group’s work. 

Still have questions? That's OK. This is an incredibly confusing topic. 

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